Why Tigard?

Tigard, a beautiful city. Tigard is a home for families. It’s a home for business owners and artists. It’s a home for activists and civic-minded people. Tigard is a community that welcomes newcomers openly and encourages each resident to become a part of what makes this city great. Tigard is a home for us, and it can be a home for you too.

Here are just a few things that make Tigard such a wonderful place to call home:

Beautiful Neighborhoods

Tigard is home to a number of verdant, quiet neighborhoods that offer a wide variety of living options including houses of all sizes, condos and even plots ready for you to build your dream home. Everyone has their own vision of what home looks like, and you can find quite a few diverse examples in this city. Each neighborhood is unique and offers its own benefits and highlights. So, whether you prefer proximity to business and transportation or quick and easy access to nature trails, Tigard has a home for you. 

Extensive Commute Options

If you’re in Tigard, you can get pretty much anywhere. Tigard Transit Center is a hub for bus and commuter train lines that travel up as far as North Portland and Beaverton and down to Wilsonville. Whether you’re making your way to work or just looking for an exciting adventure, you can find a way to get there from Tigard. Additionally, Tigard City Council is actively working to finalize plans for a light rail connecting to Portland, making commuting even easier. 

Great Schools

The Tualatin-Tigard School District offers a number of well-run schools that boast dedicated staff, engaged students and unique programs to suit the needs of any student. Additionally, Tigard is home to colleges such as PCC’s Sylvania Campus and the George Fox University Portland Center, both of which provide further educational opportunities for growing minds. No matter where you are in life, you can find opportunities to learn and grow. Tigard is a home for students of all ages.  

Business Opportunities

Tigard is home to more than 3,300 businesses ranging from large national companies such as Gerber and Stash Tea to smaller, independently owned companies. Businesses choose Tigard for its central location, it’s available space to grow and its tight-knit business community. There are many groups dedicated to connecting and enriching business owners such as the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, the Tigard Rotary Club, and BNI, to name a few. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, Tigard is one of the best places to get your business idea off the ground.


Tigard has a robust and active arts culture. It is home to The Broadway Rose Theatre company which is one of the most well-respected and active theatre companies in the area performing shows year-round. Tigard also supports local artists with permanent installations and murals featured downtown as well as an annual art walk to display new and exciting works. If you’re looking for some art to brighten up your home, visit the Jeffery Allen Gallery for beautiful Asian decor, artifacts, antiques, and furniture. Tigard is a home for art-lovers.


One of the best things about Oregon is how green it is here year round. Tigard alone boasts about a dozen parks ranging from small, such as Bonita Park, to sprawling like Cook Park, all of which are great places to escape the stresses of everyday life and get back to nature. Tigard is also centrally located to other wonderful parks including Tryon Creek State Natural Area and the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. In Tigard, you are never too far from a place of natural beauty. 

Restaurants, Coffee Shops and More

Tigard has a wide range of dining options that includes a number of authentic international cuisines. Some highlights include Sanchez Taqueria, the Tigard Pizza Kitchen and, most recently, Fido’s Taphouse, the world’s first dog taproom. There’s always something new to explore with Tigard’s dining scene. Tigard also has a number of different coffee shops including locally owned favorites like Symposium Coffee and Well and Good Coffee House. If you’re looking for fresh ingredients to make yourself, visit Tigard Farmers Market. Every Sunday from May to October, the Tigard Farmers Market promotes local businesses and farmers helping them sell their wares.


Tigard City Council is always looking for ways to update and improve the city for its residents. This includes focusing on public works and outreach, services and programs for people of all ages and a vigorous new approach to bolstering infrastructure. The City of Tigard has a number of great programs and events where you can engage and get to know your neighbors. The City Council is dedicated to making Tigard a place where people want to be.  Learn more about their 2017-2019 plans here.